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“KERALA TAX PRACTITIONERS’ ASSOCIATION” is a registered body of Tax Practitioners in the state of Kerala. The Association is registered under the TRADE UNION ACT, 1926. The Registration Number allotted is 07-02 of 2011.
The Registered Office situated at 31/425, S.A.Road, Vytilla.P.O, Kochi - 19 ...more

The revised rate of tax for compounding scheme under section 8(f) is applicable for the year 2013-14 also. | Compounding application for 2013-14 can be submitted till 20 Feb 2014. 3) Compounding orders already issued will be revised as per the rates prescribed in Finance Bill 2014. KTPA DESTRIBUTED RS. 4,00,000.00 AS WELFARE TO THE LEGAL HEIRS OF LATE TPR RAJAN, WAYANAD
Kerala Tax Practitioners' Association
Reg No: 07-02 of 2011
31/425, S.A.Road, Vytilla.P.O, Kochi - 19, Kerala, 
Phone:+91 484 6561314